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de Bintan Villa that offers more than just sun, mountain and lake! A resort full of surprises, fun activities, lively entertainment and smiling faces that is sure to give your summer holiday so much more.

Bukber de Bintan Villa

Bukber Yuk !!

Chicken Salsa Secreta

Western Menu

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  • Seaside Seafood Restaurant

    Enjoy the Sunset and fine dining on seaside restaurant

    Best Asian Cuisine Seafood

    New Promotion Food
    Seafood Tumpah for 2 Paxs

  • Water Sport & Activity

    Fun Day with Your Lovely One

    Discovery more than 20 Acitivity here

  • Package 2 paxs include Food And Beverage

    Cafe & Bar

    Enjoy Stylish Teatime on Hilltop Cafe with Great Sunset View

  • Chicken Salsa Secreta

    New Chicken Salsa Secreta

    Deep Fried Chicken with Special Sauce

    IDR 35000

  • Asian Cuisine Style

    Having Perfect Meal here with Nature Scenes

  • Bukber de Bintan Villa

    Buka Bersama dengan de Bintan Villa !!

    Paket Buffet 108.000 !!

    Nikmati bukber dengan beraneka ragam menu dan ta'jil !

    Sensasi dan Suasana Bukber tidak di kota !

    Nuansa Alam dekatkan hati denganNya

    IDR 108000